Viral Assessment Factor:

Viral at the touch of a button

For too long, marketers have struggled to produce viral advertising that consumers will share with their friends. What is the secret sauce that makes content go viral? High production values? Entertainment? Humor? Who has time to struggle with these hard-to-quantify metrics? Especially when they get in the way of the marketing message!

Now, thanks to our proprietary algorithm, any content can become viral at the touch of a button.

How does it work?

It’s simple! You type in your URL, press the button, and it becomes viral.

How viral will it be?

Very, very viral. In fact, we give you a quantifiable viral assessment factor (VAF) in real time.

What technology do you use?

Like we said, there’s an algorithm.

Does it work on mobile?

Absolutely. Your content will be equally viral on all devices.

What is your monetization strategy?

The basic viral technology is free.
However, if you want your content to become extremely viral (EV), send us a check for $1,000. After all, nothing shows commitment to the social media space like paying for something that’s free.

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